Saturday, June 04, 2011

New Look

When I moderate comments, I often go back and review posts and comments for strength and sustenance (especially the comments!).  Today I realized that the bright white text on a black background was hard to read for any length of time, so I updated the look and feel.  I know a lot of people who come here go on extended readings of the info and your comments, so I made the text a little less bright, and switched from a sans serif font to a serif, Georgia, for the main text.  Serifs, the little horizontal guidelines at the tops and bottoms of letters, make it easier to read because the help the eye follow along horizontally instead of emphasizing the vertical.  I enlarged the font a notch too.  The background is from a stock theme.  I like it because it is bokeh, out of focus, so it gives the illusion of depth.  I also like that it stays in place while the text scrolls: it gives the illusion that there is a scene behind the writing.  And the rainy day seems to fit PTSD bouts with depression, even if the vista is inspirational.  The headings are in a felt marker-type font.  I wanted a sort of zen brush-stroke effect there.

The last real post is still the one about losing time, which I have been doing a lot of, and my updating the layout just goes to show you how desperately I am avoiding the real work I need to do!

Let me know whether you like the new look if  you got distracted enough to come over to this page and have read this far.  If you want to get back to reading the blog, here is the guide.