Friday, December 14, 2018

Anyone still read this?

Hello. I am wondering if anyone still reads this blog. when I checked stats, it seemed like a half million people have read parts of this blog over the course of its long active and dormant lifetime. I was shocked! A lot of bots and Estonian trolls must have PTSD! If you are a human, and are in recovery or seeking recovery or just suffering from post-traumatic stress reactions, please let me know in the comments if I should make an effort to say a few more things about my journey with PTSD and recovery. I could use the company right now!

When I started this blog many years ago to see if there was anyone else like me, I was blessed (and that is a pretty big deal for an agnostic:^) to find out that not only were you out there, but that what I thought, through shaming and isolation, was my own peculiar problem was actually something that many people could relate to, even if the details of our experiences vary from person to person. So if you find this and it touches you, let me know. If there is no response, I will know to let this rest and look for new avenues of support.