Wednesday, September 19, 2012

still here

Hi, to those who left comments since early July, sorry for being so slow getting them posted.  If you leave a comment, it waits for me to moderate.  I had surgery (all fine now, thank you) and basically did little on the computer for the past two months.  Anyway, all the comments are now posted except a few that were mostly empty except for a link.  I don't post links unless they check out, look legit, and are relevant to the post they are attached to because half of the rest are links to malware sites.  So sorry if your brief message with a link to a dubious site did not get published.  :)

I have a few more topics I might post on, but have not gotten around to posting.  Other than that, unless there is some big change in how PTSD is in my life, I have pretty much written most of what I can think of and have nothing new to say, so that is why I post so seldom.  My PTSD has gotten much better once I knew what it was and was able to get appropriate help, so I hold out that hope for people reading too.  Until I knew what it was and took those appropriate steps, all the time in the world and all the mis-treatments in the world helped not a bit.

I still have it, and it still bugs me some days, but I manage it much better.  Its more like a limp or a scar than an open wound now, but that process of healing once it began was s-l-o-w, so if you get help and don't see immediate results, hang in there.  It took nearly five years for me to get through the worst, just like they predicted at the treatment center I went to.  That was five years after I knew what was going on, not beginning to end, which was much longer.  No shortcuts, and whatever you do, stay away from quick fixits like NLP or cultish religions.  They will make matters much worse, and a major part of my ptsd came from hoping for such quick fixes and getting screwed while in a completely vulnerable place.
Ok, so I guess I do have something to say still, though not much new.  If you come to the site on this page, chack out the rest.  I have been very lazy and not made any links, but most of the topics I raise are treated more fully elsewhere on the site.  OK, one link: Guide to the blog has the links a descriptions of most everything.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

neglect (hopefully not traumatically so this time)

eeep!  I have neglected the comments here and a whole bunch of really important onces came in.  I was backlogged since October.  Had a major death in the family and let things go.  They are all posted now.  I apologize to anyone who missed their post, and thank you all for writing.  The comments are often the most powerful part of the post!