Sunday, November 20, 2005

Holly's blog entries on ptsd and other stuff

I've been putting off posting a few days while mulling some things over. In hunting around for other blogs about ptsd I found Holly's Fight for Justice and Holly's Fight to Stop the Violence. Both have tons of great entries. She has a clear and concise description of what ptsd is and her own experiences of it. There is a excerpt and another link to a site about emotional rape, which puts a label on the last and worst trauma that fuels my ptsd. An entry on trusting memories of sexual abuse is affirming and reassuring to those like me who tend to minimize it and not believe our own memories. She has given me a lot of food for thought and some fuel for future posts, I hope. You Go, Holly!!


  1. Hi Traumarama,
    Glad you found Holly's Fight for Justice, and Holly's Fight to Stop Violence. I am a survivor of rape, approximately 14 years ago. I do know one thing, if you choice to survive you will. Everything I have learned about sexual assault, ptsd, have been useful to my healing and journey in life.
    We all have experiences that will help us overcome the obstacles, and surviving the pain! If you can survive the pain, trust your instincts, being honest to yourself. It is the start of the healing. Be proud you have started this new blog, I will add you to my site. All the best in the new journey of learning. Sincerely Holly Desimone
    Thank you for the lessons I will learn from your journey also! Keep in touch!

  2. What a great site. PTSD can be caused by so many different things. I have had it for a long time and because of an incident 2 years ago, mine has gotten worse.

    But it is a journey!

  3. Hi Holly, Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments and support. It is good not to feel alone and isolated in this sometimes very strange trip. Your post yesterday on sexual healing was anothervery helpful one. I should have guessed that Sanctuary for the Abused was in cahoots with Holly's site! I was planning to write about and link to that site too as soon as I had a chance to read through some of it. Still will. I would like to keep in touch. I guess the best way is for me to keep reading, commenting, and writing and to hope that you do to.

  4. Hi ptsd guy,
    That is great news, Barbara and I look forward to keeping in touch. It is important to have support during this time. As I stated before you will learn alot and the journey will be different for everyone. Keep in touch and I added you to the blogroll at Holly's Fight for Justice too! Take care