Friday, December 22, 2006

Battle of the Effexor

Oh well, just checking in to update anyone who reads this. I more or less lost the battle of the Effexor. I had to go back on it, back up to 150 mg a day. This is a third of what I had been taking, so it is better, but the withdrawal just never went away while I was off it. I was miserable for a couple of months straight. Maybe it is the PTSD and depression returning without the meds, but I don't think it was. A lot of the stuff I felt was not related to the PTSD or depression, but after feeling like hell for a couple of months, I did get depressed. Anyway, my psych doc says we can try again down the road, going even slower on the tapering off, but I am feeling better again and in no hurry to go through that again, even if it means staying on the drug. Within two weeks of going back on it, I was better again.


  1. I got my effexor cut twice, two januarys in a row. bad withdrawal. Guess you can die from it.